The mission of IBSCGmedical is to support healthcare professionals and their structures in the evolution of both their business as their business environment by offering all the necessary solutions to better their practices every day. Our missions are defined statutorily, but they can and will also be priorities from the news or meet the specific request of our customers in respect of special and general law covering the civil code public health. In agreement with our customers and partners, we are committed to through our products and services:
·       To inform, support, federate.
·       Organize, study, develop, maintain.
·       Assure our customers and partners, while respecting the general interests of the profession and relations of good fellowship and perfect ethical correction.
·       Close collaboration consists of a dynamic network of partners in the field of public health.
·       Provide at any time to our customers all the elements to certify the traceability of our products.
·       Support our clients in the consistent management of conduct of their project, from simple to more ambitious that will integrate the complete supply of equipment specific to their profession.
·       Inform our customers regularly up to date referenced partners of the grouping and the evolution of the biomedical market, biotechnology and IT solutions related to the medical field.
We’re providing our customers an Extranet customer with a personalized, secure access directly connected to the platform of the web portal IBSCGmedical. As part of our services, we offer through our Pack a Council Training Centre, skills assessment professionals. In addition, we’re providing our customers the service sector adapted to the specific and respective performance requirements related to our products and thus provide a comprehensive resolution to the various problems that may arise in order to maintain our quality standards but also to improve them, again and again. Finally, IBSCGmedical, through the structures of IBSCGGROUPE offers its customers to structure a comprehensive and exclusive service T.G.I.M.S: Traceability – Geolocalization – Computers – Multimedia – Security.