IBSCGmedical is a Company of Medical Engineering Services founded by a Doctor and an Engineer, Medicine graduates and Business Intelligence.
As TurnKey Supplier Integrator, IBSCGmedical exclusively serves the needs of structures (regardless of size) in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa in the field of Diagnostic Tools, comfort and Welfare and Services Digital .
We set up in 2010, a concept, a clear development strategy, simple which is to market the best instruments and equipment according to ISO 13485: 2012, EU Marked MD * and MSD *, maintain the After Sales Service (VSS), train and lead and support change to allow users to distinguish between real change and the perceived change.
In a social, technological and sanitary environment in constant change and evolution, IBSCGmedical respond, as an obvious necessity to overall expectations of Medical Analysis Laboratories, public hospitals, private clinics, Pharmacies, Dispensary of Companies, Professionals’ health and Medical Informatics professionals, in terms of guaranteeing quality and price.

IBSCGmedical works primarily with certified manufacturers and the European Grouping Structures Purchase of consumables and Medical Apparatus and Wholesalers IT equipment.
We operate primarily in the following areas:
·       Analysis of needs of our customers and prospects,
·       Assistance to the Owner and drafting of specifications,
·       Advice and support for the acquisition of equipment and quality of medical devices,
·       Sale of medical equipment and medical devices (MD * and * MSD),
·       Design, layout and provision of equipment or Medical Cabinets Clinics (Turn key),
·       Development of traceability solutions and laboratory management, clinical and hospitals,
·       Service, Support and Maintenance of equipment installed by our engineers and technicians,
·       Transfer of skills, leadership and change management,
·       Training users and grip on equipment installed by us.

Since 2015, IBSCGmedical also offers Computer Engineering services are an obvious necessity to overall expectations of our customers, including:
·       Sale and customization of IT Infrastructure & Networks Telecommunications (INT) according to customer needs,
·       Deployment and maintenance of IT Infrastructure, Digital, Networks & Telecoms
·       Development of traceability software and laboratory management
·       Training and Certification in the areas of digital,
·       Geolocalization and Communication and publishing in the fields of IT,
·       Standard Accommodation (Creation of domain names, email (pop))
·       Application hosting, websites, Extranet.

For the marketing of medical devices and digital solutions, we have export licenses and distribution essential for the sale of such devices and solutions and also qualified staff composed and Project Manager of Computer Engineers, Technicians installers and accredited Physicians.
We attach great importance to continuing improvements and developments of the products of our manufacturers. For so that we not only maintain the quality standards, but also that we can propose improvements in agreement with our manufacturers

MD = * Medical Device – SMD * = Sterile Medical Device